There were sixty chapters and three seasons but for many generations around the world, Lynda Carter is “Wonder Woman”. Born as a comic in December 1941 and the American actress was summoned to anticipate the celebration for the 80 years of this mythical superheroine at the Festival Cannes series 2021.

Lynda Carter was 24 years old when producer Douglas Cramer cast her for that character upon seeing a camera test she had done for another project. And although the series ended in 1979 and she continued in acting and also in music, her name is definitely associated with Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter was “Wonder Woman” at age 24; He is now 70 and widowed seven months ago.

“It was a long road to the role of Wonder Woman,” Lynda Carter said in a zoom report. “For years they tried blonde actresses but it did not work or did not close them. I had done a camera test for another film; one of the producers saw her and so it was resolved that this unknown actress – that is, I – would stay. Douglas Cramer (executive producer of the series) pointed out: ‘Without a doubt, she is my girl’. He called me and said: ‘¡Hello Wonder Woman!’”.

The first thing that went on the air was in November 1975 in the format of a television movie, the first season was only aired the following year. ”On the first day of recording, they picked me up at 5 in the morning to go to Warner Brothers studios. (…) I remember in particular entering the dressing room where finally I tried on the famous suit for the first time, and I felt powerful… and beautiful. (…) For her, that mythical Wonder Woman costume “was not sexy,” she says. “You are always critical of how you look sometimes, right? It’s something we do for no reason. But at that moment I felt yes powerful. I think that when you put on the costumes you start to inherit something from that character, I felt like ‘the boss’ ”.

Gal Gadot, the cinematic “Wonder Woman”; and Lynda Carter, the legendary television heroine.

There’s a story about a stunt scene that she did by hanging from a helicopter. Lynda Carter confirms it and takes away all supposed courage. “That was in one of the first two seasons of Wonder Woman,” he recounted in the Canneseries Festival zoom. “I think the power went out and it was going to be noticed that the scene was a double, so I ran and hung myself from a helicopter. Today is an interesting anecdote but at the time it was neither for the producers nor for the insurance company. AND it had nothing to do with being invincible, but rather with stupidity.”

Wonder Woman is not one of the series that had a revival with another actress. Yes, there are three films that Patty Jenkins directed, the last of this 2021. And Gal Gadot is the superhero. “I think it was a good move to pick her,” says Lynda Carter. “He was a little known young man, he had no past in the show, and he was able to grow with the character. I cried the first time I saw the movie. For me it was like passing the post to another ‘Wonder Woman’ and yesI understood that I was no longer alone with that character, now there was another. And Patty Jenkins is very good, she knows how to make a beautiful woman, a serial killer like she did with Charlize Theron. I collaborated on this project from the beginning and the three of us became friends. “

Filmmaker Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter at the “Wonder Woman” movie premiere.

Asked about the feminist image that is given to “Wonder Woman”, Lynda Carter extends the concept to the legacy of “being invincible” that the character has. And not only for women, but also for many groups –she is a promoter of the LGBTIQ cause–, and even for cosplayers and all “who somehow feel included by the character”. Likewise, she did not shy away from the issue of feminism. “Men, for whatever reason, don’t want to be feminists. For some, feminism is a hard candy to swallow, ”says Lynda Carter. “So I tell them: ‘Ok, don’t be, be our champions of feminism, that is, they are there to help us open every door that they don’t want to open for us. (…) And young people now have their chance. We did our thing at the time and we still do what we can, but this time is yours. “

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