MA 20/21: Around half a million people read the KURIER every day

Relevance counts: Almost half a million Austrians read KURIER every day, which gives it a national reach of 6.5 percent. In the segment of quality daily newspapers, the KURIER is once again at the forefront. Particularly pleasing: the number of younger readers is tending to develop positively.

KURIER weekend combination with 722,000 readers

The KURIER weekend combination has a reach of 9.5 percent. Almost every tenth Austrian: he uses the KURIER on Sundays or on Saturdays leisure and enjoy the variety of topics on the weekend. In the home area (Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland) 17.1 percent use a title in the weekend station wagon.

Around 600,000 Austrians read the KURIER on Sunday

The KURIER am Sonntag is read by 596,000 Austrians every week, which corresponds to a national coverage of 7.9 percent. The top target groups of affluent people and the formally more educated are covered above average.

5.2 percent range for leisure

391,000 Austrians – a high proportion of them with above-average income and education – read the leisure time. The high-quality weekend magazine thus achieved a reach of 5.2 percent in a coveted target group.

KURIER No. 2. of all daily newspapers in the east of Austria

In addition to the stable overall range, the KURIER scores with above-average performance in its home region of Eastern Austria. 384,000 Viennese, Lower Austrians and Burgenlanders read the KURIER every day and make it the No. 2 of all daily newspapers in eastern Austria. On Sunday, the KURIER will be read by 468,000 people in its home region.


Thomas Kralinger, Managing Director of KURIER Medienhaus and MediaPrint: “Fact-based journalism and credibility are essential cornerstones in our society. The current MA values ​​as well as the recently published ÖAK and our “Brand Reach” study demonstrate the strong connection and the special trust that readers have in the KURIER media. Whether digital, TV or print – the strong brands of the KURIER Medienhaus stand for quality journalism and high-quality content in all segments. ”

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