Madeleine McCann: Investigators say they are "100% sure who kidnapped and killed her" | The girl has been missing for 14 years

The researchers of the Madeleine McCann case, the girl missing british 14 years ago, they believe they are “100% sure” that Christian Brueckner was the murderer.

After a long investigation with twists and turns, those responsible for the case They claim to have sufficient evidence for the prosecution and hope that everything will be finished next year.

The German prosecutor in charge of the case, Hans Christian Wolters, he assured the British media: “We are sure that we have the man who kidnapped and killed her. It is possible to accuse him now because we have the evidence. But it’s not just about accusing him, we want to do it with the best possible evidence. “

In this sense, Wolters explained that as long as they have some loose ends, “it would not make any sense to move forward with the prosecution,” taking into account that Brueckner is already in the jail for other crimes. He added that the investigation will not end “as long as there are possibilities to find new information.”

No DNA or photographic evidence

Maddie disappeared in 2007 when she was three years old in a hotel complex –Ocean Club– on Praia da Luz, Portugal, where he was staying with his parents.

Although everything seems to indicate that the girl is dead, prosecutors still do not have enough evidence to ensure it or to know how it happened.

In fact, There is not ADN or photographic evidence linking Brueckner to the alleged murder. “However, the evidence we have does not allow for other interpretations,” Wolters said.

Available evidence includes a “confession” Brueckner made to a friend and a telephone analysis showing that it was in the Ocean Club when the girl disappeared.

Furthermore, Brueckner was living in a caravan near Praia da Luz when Madeleine disappeared. British and German police first learned of him as a suspect in 2017, but only made it public last June.

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