Madrid is more than ever the “capital of bullfighting”

The autonomous region of Madrid, chaired by the very conservative Isabel Díaz Ayuso, spent 10.5 million euros on bullfighting in 2021, more than any other in Spain. Some voices on the left criticize these expenses, relates the conservative site The Spanish.

“Those who seek to rewrite history by turning their backs on the cultural richness of bullfighting will come up against not only the paintings of Goya, the verses of Lorca or the chronicles of an amazed Hemingway, but also two entities, the City Hall and the Autonomous Region of Madrid [aux mains de la droite], united in their support for freedom, traditions and Spain. ”

In December, during the reopening of a bullfighting school in Madrid, the president of the autonomous region of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, reaffirmed her support for bullfighting.

Behind these affectionate statements, this hard-line figure of the People’s Party (right) is paying the price. In 2021, the Madrid region devoted 10.5 million euros to the sector, more than anywhere else in Spain, making the region and the city the “Bullfighting capital”, ensures the conservative site The Spanish.

In this amount, 3.5 million euros are intended for the concessionaire company of the bullring of Las Ventas, the temple of bullfighting in Madrid. These resources make it possible to compensate “The loss of income linked to the closures that accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic”, explains center left newspaper The country.

A return on investment

Four million euros are invested by the region as“Aid to the sector”, developed The Spanish, that’s four times more than in 2016. For Victorino Martín, president of the Fundación del Toro de Lidia, an association for the defense and promotion of bullfighting based in the Spanish capital, this investment is a fair return.

On the site ofThe Spanish, he explains that bullfighting generates “More than 75 million euros of economic impact” during the spring festivals of San Isidro and “Some 100 million euros throughout the bullfighting season”.

In the opposition at the regional level, several voices are raised against these expenses considered too important, reports The Spanish. The regional deputy of the Más Madrid party (radical left) Alejandro Sánchez demands in particular that “Animal abuse is not subsidized”.

Bullfighting remains popular for some Spaniards, but it has been in turmoil for several years due to the mounting debate over its cruelty.

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