Henry González was the one who started that battle with everything and a lot of flavor. He sang ‘Divina’, by Héctor Rivera. His white suit and full of joy it infected the entire diamond of ‘The voice’.

For their part, Anselmo and Belén fajardo with their interpretation of ‘I will wait’, by Jimmy Vicenty, but above they put their style that captivated those who saw them in the diamond of the program Snail Television.

The compliments came and went for the two shows, but only one could stay. Things were getting complicated for Jesús Navarro.

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When it was the turn for the coach and advisor to choose, she began to mark distance: “The only thing I can give you is …”.

The Colombian highlighted the benefits of the participants, despite how different they are. Hennry’s flavor highlighted, but he did not leave aside the introspection of Anselmo and Belén.

Then he completely deviated from the decision:

“Both work, I would buy both records, but since the problem is not mine. He hired me to make them beautiful ”, but that’s how it goes.

Finally, Jesus stayed with Anselmo and Bethlehem. Here, the funny moment:

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