“Maigret” trailer: Depardieu becomes the famous commissioner

Mysterious young dead

Paris on a rainy night: a young woman is found dead. Inspector Maigret bends over a tattered, bloodstained evening dress, smoking his pipe. This is how one of the best-known and most ingenious crime stories penned by Georges Simenon begins.

From his office on the Quai des Orfèvres, Maigret picks up the trail: on the phone, studies, understands. He methodically reconstructs the lonely paths of a beautiful young woman through a cold-hearted Paris. No one seems to know or miss her, but her relationship with a Parisian bohemian couple is puzzling.

Maigret enters a life of faint hope and quiet despair, and at the same time the memory of another disappearance stirs in him, one that touches him more deeply than any crime in this world.

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