The main entrance of St. Michael's Church is closed

The main entrance of St. Michael’s Church is closed © fvv


The main entrance to St. Michael’s Church has been closed after debris had fallen down.

Fien Lakiere

Today at 16:57

A few days ago, several small fragments were discovered at the main entrance of St. Michael’s Church. The pieces of rubble had come down from the top of the entrance arch. “After consultation with the police and fire brigade, the main entrance was closed off,” said Pastor Jürgen François.

© fvv

“We don’t know what the cause is yet, but decided not to take a risk. Air pollution or the large temperature differences this winter may have something to do with it. An investigation is underway. The side entrance is open, allowing mass to continue. Due to the winter season, the church is closed to other visitors anyway.”

The construction of the church started in 1440. Over the centuries, regular additions and adjustments were made, so that the building was not finished until 1825. In 1909, the west side of the church, which overlooks Sint-Michielsplein, was already restored.

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