Maíra Cardi engages romance with youtuber, says columnist

It seems that the queue moved for Maíra Cardi, 39 years old. According to information from columnist Fábia Oliveira, from the ‘Em Off’ portal, the fitness influencer engaged in a romance with youtuber Thiago Nigro, better known as “Primo Rico”.

According to the publication, the two met in 2022, after Thiago hired the services of the fitness businesswoman. With Maíra’s protocol, the youtuber managed to eliminate nine kilos.

The former BBB has been single since the end of her marriage to actor and champion of the 22nd edition of ‘Big Brother Brasil’, Arthur Aguiar. The two made the union official in 2017 and over the course of five years of relationship they made numerous comings and goings official.

“End of our journey together, but the beginning of a new, better path for both of us,” she wrote on social media at the time of the breakup.

Recently, the former BBB declared that she only intends to relate to a financially successful man. “I am a very successful woman, my bills are extremely high, I do expensive programming. If I date a man who is not successful, there are chances that he will feel frustrated because he will not be able to keep up with me,” she said.

“He won’t even be able to break the electricity bill at my house, which costs almost R$ 20,000. He can’t be a person who doesn’t have the same level as me for the simple fact that I don’t want him to feel inferior, ”he continued.

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