Maju Coutinho at Fantástico;  presenter leaves Jornal Hoje to replace Tadeu Schmidt (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Maju Coutinho at Fantástico; presenter leaves Jornal Hoje to replace Tadeu Schmidt (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Maju Coutinho had his promotion to the command of the Fantastic this Sunday (10). She leaves the presentation of the Newspaper Today for replace Thaddeus Schmidt – which will present the BBB22 – on Sunday of the Globe.

For the announcement, Maju was in the program’s studio alongside Tadeu and his new working partner on the small screen, Poliana Abritta. “What a warm welcome. Thanks”, she said, thanking the current Fantastic duo.

The journalist said she was very happy with the opportunity to command the attraction and considered it a historic moment.

I’m so happy it feels like I’m going to float away. I even dreamed about it, I told Poliana. I accepted this invitation to present Fantástico alongside Poliana with great joy. I think it’s historic. There are two women in charge of the show of life”, declared Maju.

The changes at Globo

Tadeu Schmidt said he will be rooting for his replacement on Sunday. “This new phase of Fantástico will be historic. And I’ll be there at Big Brother cheering for you”, he stated.

Maju also thanked his bosses at the station. “Thank you to everyone here at Globo who chose me for this challenge”, he said. Then announced Cesar Tralli as his replacement at Jornal Hoje and Alan Severiano as the new presenter of SP1 not Tralli’s place. “Congratulations and good luck to you both”, she wished.

Reception at Fantastic

On her Instagram profile, the journalist thanked her colleagues again. “Soon, a new phase will begin. May it be Fantastic for all of us. Thanks for the reception”, she wrote, that told about Poliana Abritta’s reception on your arrival.

Poliana sent me such a warm message when it was confirmed that we would work together that, on the same night, I dreamed that the two of us were the opening dancers of the program. She was in green, I in cream. It was a light, floating dance. I told Poli about the dream, who said: a performance in pairs is really a dance”, revealed the new titleholder of Fantástico.

This is the second time that Maju Coutinho is promoted on Globo in two years. She, who was a success at the head of the Jornal Nacional weather forecast board, had her first promotion at the station in 2019, when she was chosen as Sandra Annenberg’s replacement at Jornal Hoje.

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