Mallaury Nataf "on a manhole cover", "physically damaged": Terribles VIDEOS

Mallaury Nataf is at its worst. Mehdi, a former Beijing Express contestant, tracked down the former sitcom actress and tried to get her off the street. But the ex-actress is “not well psychologically” and holds “incoherent remarks” …

What becomes Mallaury Nataf? The former actress of Honey and Bees, 49, would sleep on the streets again and her sanity would not be good. Mehdi, former candidate of the show Beijing Express, posted a video on Twitter in which he said he found Mallaury Nataf after months of searching for her. “I’m going to take her off the street“, he assured before adding that he had”found a place to sleep“. “But all of a sudden she left. I returned to the place where I had found it the first time (…) We can’t leave her in the street“Said the ex-candidate of the show.

Mallaury Nataf: why she “returned to the streets”

I introduced myself to her. She has started to get angry, from insults that go all over the place. Knowing that she had a apartment, where to stay, wash, start a new life. Suddenly she went crazy and she returned to the street“, he detailed. Mehdi launched an appeal for solidarity to find Mallaury Nataf and help him out. But does the former actress really want to be helped?

It’s not that she doesn’t want help, it’s that she has lost everything. We have him kidnapped her children, psychologically, she is really not well. She has need urgent follow-up“, explained Mehdi, in Do not touch My TV. “She said she wanted to stay on the street. I even offered him some money, she did not want to. I no longer understood anything she was saying, she was going all over the place. It was very sad“, he added.

Mallaury Nataf: his “inconsistent words”

In a second video broadcast in TPMP, we can see Mallaury Nataf sitting on a manhole cover, while the police approached her to ask if she was in pain anywhere. “No, it hurts nowhere. I have a little headache because of the gentleman, but other than that, it’s going very well“she replied.

The chronicler of Do not touch My TV Matthieu delormeau had met her a year ago for the purposes of a documentary. “I saw a very physically damaged woman with some completely inconsistent words. […] She said to us’ I only speak on Monday, it has to be a Monday. I only speak if the wall is blue. […] I would only have lunch in a restaurant that has a red storefront because red is childhood“, he explained on the set of TPMP.

The 49-year-old actress would then have brandished a copy of the Torah, would have put her hand on it and would have made remarks all the more confused to Matthieu Delormeau: “She explained to me that it was a Jewish goddess who came to Earth“. She would have even confided her desire to leave France and no longer be recognized:”She didn’t want to be helped“.

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