Mama I want was the most played march at Carnival

The traditional carnival marches were the most played during Momo’s party in Brazil in the last five years. The survey was carried out by the Central Office of Collection and Distribution (Ecad).

The leadership got Mom I want, authored by Jararaca and Vicente Paiva. In second and third place, appear Give me some moneyby Ivan Ferreira, Homero Ferreira and Glauco Ferreira, and the gardener, by Benedito Lacerda and Humberto Carlos Porto. In fourth and fifth position are Zeze’s hair, by João Roberto Kelly and Roberto Faissal; It is rower’s gaitby Castelo and Antonio Almeida.

They follow, in order: Your hair does not denyby João Valença, Raul Do Rego Valença and Lamartine Babo; Allah-la-ohby Haroldo Lobo and Antonio Nassara; Ta-hiby Joubert de Carvalho; Wonderful cityby Andre Filho; indian want whistleby Milton de Oliveira and Haroldo Lobo; Liquorby Lucio de Castro, Heber Lobato, Marinosio Filho and Mirabeau; dyke maryby João Roberto Kelly, Carlos, Chacrinha and Leleco; underwear marchby Celso Teixeira, Livardo Alves da Costa and Carlos Mendes; Who knows, knowsby Jota Sandoval and Carvalinho; Corkscrewby Zé Da Zilda , Zilda Do Zé and Waldir Machado; broomsby Batista Ramos and Mathias da Rocha; sassaricandoby Luiz Antonio, Candeias Jota Jr., Castelo and Mario Gusmão Antunes; I do not want moneyby Tim Maia; we bald ones, by A.Marques Jr. and Roberto Roberti; and, in twentieth place, mulatto ye ye ye yeby João Roberto Kelly.


ECAD is campaigning to reinforce the importance of paying public performance copyrights at events and shows held across the country during Carnival. Entitled With music, the revelry gets betterthe campaign aims to clarify, for those who use music, the importance of prior licensing, which will remunerate those who make their living from music.

The campaign is aimed at music users, event promoters, dances and blocks. At the site official of the institution, all the information on how the licensing of events should be done can be obtained.

The distribution of copyright includes authors, performers, musicians, publishers and phonographic producers. The identification of songs is carried out by Ecad through recordings of carnival events and popular festivities, including dances held before and after the carnival period, in addition to the use of musical scripts sent by event promoters to the institution.

In the last carnival held in Brazil without the health restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, ECAD distributed R$ 24 million in copyright to more than 14 thousand artists.

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