João Vitor, the main suspect in the crime.  (Photo: Disclosure)

Knife and car used in the crime will be presented to the police this Thursday (13)

João Vitor, the main suspect in the crime. (Photo: Disclosure)

João Vitor Rodrigues presented himself to the police this Wednesday afternoon (13) and admitted to having murdered his wife’s alleged lover, Admir Acosta, 54, last night (12), in Corumbá, 419 kilometers from Campo Great. Despite the confession, the suspect will answer for the charge of murder in freedom, as there was no flagrante delicto.

In testimony to police chief Nicson Lenon Cruz Galisa, accompanied by a lawyer, the suspect said that he was a frequent target of provocations by the victim. Also according to the suspect, Admir had the habit of carrying a revolver. On the night of the crime, in the face of further provocation and thinking that the victim was armed, João Vitor ran over Admir and, as a result, he even threw several knife blows to the man’s neck. The victim’s wife caught the murder.

According to the police chief, tomorrow João Vitor will return to the police station to present the knife and the vehicle used in the crime. More details about the suspect’s testimony were not disclosed, so as not to hinder the investigation.

“There is a principle that he will respond in freedom for the crime of simple homicide, but that could change, if other qualifiers are identified during the investigation. In principle, there is no evidence that results in an arrest in the act”, concludes the delegate.

The crime – According to the information in the police record about the case, it was Admir’s own wife who informed that her husband, allegedly, had an extramarital relationship with João Vitor’s wife. She said she was cleaning the house when her husband went to dump rubble in a vacant lot, between Rio Grande do Norte and Alexandre de Castro streets, around 19:50.

The wife says that the husband walked to the land, which is on the same street as the couple’s house, and then caught João Vitor Rodrigues running over the victim. Admir fell to the ground, then João Vitor went down and threw several knife blows to his neck. The victim did not resist and died on the spot

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