Man arrested at airport with human flesh in suitcase

Brazilian Begoleã Mendes Fernandes, 26, was arrested at Lisbon airport with human flesh in his suitcase. The information is from the Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã.

According to the report, the young man was trying to travel to Belo Horizonte and was wearing clothes with traces of blood, which raised suspicions.

In addition, the Brazilian presented an Italian passport, but had documents on behalf of third parties. A spokesman for the Dutch police classified the man as “suspected of murder or manslaughter”.

Begoleã is suspected of having murdered his friend, Alan Lopes, according to testimony from friends. “He [Begoleã] said he was trying to defend himself against Alan because he pretended to be a cannibal. Other friends then received the same message,” said a friend of the victim.

Also according to the newspaper, the meat that was in the suitcase was analyzed by the Institute of Legal Medicine in Lisbon and points out that it is not Alan Lopes.

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