Man assaulted inside shopping center in Salvador

After being accused of stealing a cell phone, a man identified as Jailson Santos denounced an attack inside Shopping Paralela, last Monday (6). According to information from Jornal Correio, the victim would have gone to the shopping center to sell the device and was accused by a lawyer, who had arranged the meeting to purchase the item.

“Around 2 pm, Jailson made an appointment with someone, through Olx, to show the device at Shopping Paralela. It was an Iphone 11 purchased in Italy, for the approximate amount of R$3 thousand reais, in November 2022. Arriving there, he was approached by a woman who, later, identified herself as a lawyer. During the conversation, while she was looking at the device, three men arrived saying ‘lost, lost, lost’ and that the device was stolen”, reports Jailson’s lawyer to the newspaper Correio.

Still according to the lawyer’s report, the men identified themselves as military police and stated that the cell phone in Jailson’s possession had been stolen last Thursday (2). Then, accompanied by a mall security guard, the three took Jailson to a room located near the food court, for an interrogation. It was at this location that the man was attacked.

Jailson asked for the torture to stop and requested that he be taken to the police station, where he could prove his innocence. There, a childhood friend, who would have been the first buyer of the cell phone, took the box that contained the device’s IMEI number. The number in question was the same number on the IMEI on the bottom of Jailson’s device. Even so, the lawyer would have stated that the device’s plate was changed and that Jailson was lying.

With the match between the IMEI of the box and the device, Jailson was released by the delegate from the Central de Flagrantes, but he does not stop reliving the trauma. “He has panic syndrome, he can’t leave the house and he’s scared because he was threatened with death by the police”says the lawyer.

In a note, the Military Police of Bahia (PM/BA) reported that police officers from the 82nd CIPM were called following a complaint that pointed to a “a man, accused of having stolen a cell phone on the 2nd, was detained on the docks of a shopping center on Avenida Paralela. At the scene, the garrison maintained contact with the accused and the whistleblower, who filed a police report that recorded the fact. The two parties were taken to the Flagrantes Center for clarification.”

The PM did not answer whether or not the police had attacked Jailson and, regarding conduct related to military police, the corporation provides institutional communication channels to receive reports, such as 0800 284 0011 (Ombudsman) and the address of the Internal Affairs general office of the corporation, located at Rua Amazonas, nº 13, Pituba.

Also in a note, the Civil Police informed that the man “He was taken by a garrison from the 82nd CIPM to the Central de Flagrantes, on Monday night (6), suspected of trying to sell a mobile phone with restriction on theft. The action took place in the parking lot of a mall, on Avenida Paralela. Accused of reception, he was at the disposal of Justice.”

What Shopping Paralela and the lawyer say

In a note, Shopping Paralela reported that, as soon as it learned of the occurrence, the security team called the Military Police and sent those involved to a waiting room until the police arrived, who took them to the police station.

“The shopping center points out that it does not allow any form of aggression on its premises and is available to the authorities for clarification”, finished.

CORREIO tried to hear the lawyer who accused Jailson, but she preferred not to give an interview. So far, the woman has not commented on the case.

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