Man dies hit by oxygen cylinder during MRI

From the “unusual deaths” series: on the last 14th, a 60-year-old patient was hit by an oxygen cylinder during an MRI scan in the city of Gimhae, South Korea. The machine simply sucked the cylinder straight into it, and caused the man to convulse. The South Korean did not resist.

South Korean authorities told news portal This Week In Asia that the oxygen cylinder weighed no less than 60 kg. The patient was transferred to a hospital in critical condition. “We are investigating why the oxygen tank was brought into the room. We thoroughly investigated the incident to determine whether human errors were involved,” says local police, adding that the oxygen supply system may be defective.

(Image: Nikita_Karchevskyi / Envato)

MRI machines work by creating powerful magnetic fields (much like radio waves). As the protons are subjected to a magnetic field (about a thousand times stronger than that produced by a refrigerator magnet), their axes line up.

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While this is effective for seeing the inside of the body, especially cartilage, tendons and muscles, it is dangerous if the person is carrying something magnetic. That’s why hospitals ask to prevent the patient from bringing metal objects into the room. That’s why the police are so interested in how the oxygen tank was allowed into the room in question, as the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety itself mandates that anyone entering an examination room MRI scan should leave all metal objects outside.

Source: IFL Science, This Week In Asia

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