Man is convicted of mistreatment of dogs on the coast of SP - 01/14/2022 - Bom Pra Cachorro

A man was sentenced to six years and two months in prison for mistreatment of dogs and subtraction of electricity, in Peruíbe, on the coast of São Paulo.

According to the records, at least 16 dogs were kept in precarious hygiene conditions, with feces and urine scattered around the house, where there was a clandestine electrical connection, according to the TJ (Court of Justice).

Tests found that most of the animals had intestinal worms and were malnourished. It was also found that the dogs were afraid of people, which, according to a veterinary report, indicates that they were subjected to aggressive and violent behavior.

The man must serve his sentence in an initial semi-open regime, according to the decision of the 1st Court of the city released on Wednesday (12). There is appeal.

“There is no doubt as to the materiality and authorship of the crimes of mistreatment of animals (dogs) and theft of electricity. The mistreatment practiced by the defendant was intense”, said judge João Costa Ribeiro Neto.

For him, the defendant, caught last year, “committed the crime believing that he would get away with it due to the difficulty of identifying the crime, due to the difficulties and limitations arising from the pandemic”.

Animal abuse is a crime in the country.

In force since 2020, the Samson Law increases the penalty for those who mistreat dogs and cats and provides for imprisonment from two to five years, in addition to a fine and prohibition of custody for those who abuse, mistreat, injure or mutilate these animals.

The text amends the Environmental Crimes Law, of 1998, which establishes a fine and a penalty of three months to one year of detention for crimes against any animal — a punishment that can be increased from one-sixth to one-third if the animal dies.

In practice, the law meant that mistreatment of dogs and cats, specifically, was no longer considered of lesser offensive potential – in this case, crimes with up to two years in detention have the conviction usually converted into an alternative penalty, such as rendering of services. , and the aggressor is not arrested.

The text became known as samson law in honor of the pit bull that had both hind legs severed, in Minas. In addition, cases such as Manchinha or give disjointed pit bull fight in São Paulo led animal advocates to demand more severe punishments for those responsible.

Reports of ill-treatment can be made to the Military Police or to Civil Police stations.

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