Man scales Léo Santana’s trio to offer music

O popcorn by Léo Santana, which took place this Tuesday (14th), at the Orlando Tapajós circuit, which runs from the Spanish Club, in the Ondina neighborhood, to Farol da Barra, was marked by an unusual moment. A fan of the singer climbed into the cabin of the electric trio to offer a song and scared Léo and the revelers who accompanied the presentation.

As soon as he saw the situation, Léo Santana asked the vehicle to stop and started talking to the boy, asking him to get out of the trio so as not to get hurt.

“For God’s sake, get down, man, you’re going to fall”, scolded Leo.

The fan, however, continued to stand in the cabin of the vehicle and insisted on talking to the singer. The man, called by Vander, apparently wanted to show the artist his own compositions.

Then, Léo Santana once again asked him to get out of the vehicle and assured that he will receive the material from the fan.

“Vander, partner, get down from there so you don’t get into an accident. Please. My production will contact you and you will send your compositions, really. […] Or else you come here in the trio, come here in the trio to sing your song. But get down there man, for the love of God”, asked Léo, guaranteeing that he will hear the fan’s music.

As the fan descended from the booth, Léo asked the production to take the fan to the artist’s dressing room. Watch the video below:

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