Several police teams, an ambulance and a mosquito arrived on the scene after the stabbing.

Several police teams, an ambulance and a mosquito arrived on the scene after the stabbing. ©  rr


A 28-year-old man was stabbed on Sunday evening after a tumult that started on a train that stopped at Nekkerspoel station in Mechelen. The suspect is on the run, but police identified him.

Sven Van Haezendonck

Today at 20:48

Platforms 1 and 2 of Mechelen-Nekkerspoel were closed on Sunday evening after a stabbing. A 28-year-old man from Zaventem was injured and was transferred to AZ Sint Maarten for treatment. He wouldn’t be in mortal danger.

The police had been summoned about 6.45 pm for a commotion on a train that continued on the platform. It is not yet clear whether the victim sustained the injuries on the train or on the platform. That is the subject of the investigation that the colleagues of the railway police are conducting with our help,” responds Dirk Van de Sande, spokesman for the Mechelen-Willebroek police.

Several intervention teams were quickly on the scene. “Our people immediately notified the emergency medical services,” says the first chief inspector. Ambulance staff administered first aid to the victim with the assistance of a mosquito.

According to the initial information, the victim and the suspect know each other. The police have already identified a suspect, but he has not yet been caught. Municipal councilor Marc Hendrickx (N-VA) happened to witness the intervention of the police on Sunday evening. “The local residents are really getting tired of these kinds of incidents in and around the station. The label of the Bronx of Mechelen is getting closer and closer,” he says.

Sunday’s stabbing is not the first violent incident in which the station in Nekkerspoel comes into the picture.

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