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The 42-year-old man who holed up in his home in Tielt on Tuesday has been arrested by the Bruges investigating judge on suspicion of attempted murder and armed inconsistency. This is reported by the public prosecutor’s office of West Flanders, Bruges department. The man used a bow in the act.

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An armed person was spotted in the vicinity of the Sint-Jozef Institute in Tielt on Tuesday shortly before noon. During an intervention by the fire brigade in the Stationstraat, they collided with an aggressive person. The 42-year-old man used a bow when the Tielt Region Police wanted to intervene. A general lockdown was then declared temporarily in two schools in the area, the Sint-Jozef Institute and Campus de Reynaert.

The suspect was holed up in his home. The special intervention units were then called to the scene and a security zone was set up around his home. In the end, the forty-something was arrested shortly after 2 p.m.

The public prosecutor decided to bring the suspect before the investigating judge. On Thursday morning, he decided to arrest him on suspicion of attempted murder and armed inconsistency. The council chamber in Bruges will decide on Tuesday whether or not the suspect should remain in prison.

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