This new case of animal abuse was reported by the My Best Friend Animal Protection Association, who launched an SOS for the skinned dog, and accused “a drug addict”.

Until this Tuesday, the animal survived the brutal attack, but without medical attention. Hours later, the same association reported that he was already being treated, although he had to undergo more surgical interventions.

“We are speechless,” he wrote on his Twitter account, and at the same time asked for financial help to continue caring for the animal. In his desperation to raise resources, he posted a terrible photo of the dog on that social network.

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The unfortunate image shows the animal skinned mainly on the head and chest. As expected, it was harshly criticized in that same social network. “And why do they publish that image like this without warning? […]. Is there a need? “.

There were those who, however, supported the publication of the photo. “Of course there is a need. You need help, monetary support, unfortunately it is the only way people move. It helps rather, above are the accounts ”that Animal Protection published to raise money.

And perhaps in its eagerness to obtain justice in the face of the reprehensible attack, Animal Protection also spreads the image of a man, with his own name, whom it points out as being responsible. But, in this case, it also produced effects that are clearly undesirable: there were death threats against that person.

Wider debate on social media

The photo of the skinned animal persuaded many and opened the tap for contributions (even if they were modest) to the accounts published by the animal protection association.

According to the association, the dog was attacked “due to family differences”, by “a drug addict boy who spends it in the town of Saboyá”.

The case, in social networks, did not remain only in the complaint and the contributions. There were other more reflective interventions such as that of a person who wondered: “I don’t know what your role is [Protección Animal] in protection [de animales]. In their pages they ask for a report, but they never upload reports of the situations or in what state those who have saved are.”.

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Another wrote: “I will not share or like anything that has to do with mistreatment of other animals. Encourages abuse in the interest of being viral. In addition, one is left with a broken heart, X the hypocrisy that criticizes this mistreatment and supports it on the plate of food ”.

The curious thing is that this case of animal abuse occurs a few days after the government of Boyacá launched its public policy of animal protection and welfare, in charge of the secretariats of Environment and Health, which seeks to cover the 123 municipalities of the department.

This public policy, defined by Ordinance 057 of December 21, 2018, includes four lines of work: the protection of wildlife; the protection and welfare of domestic animals; the protection and welfare of production animals, and the awareness and education of all the inhabitants of the department in matters of protection and animal welfare.

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