“One more kid at school, in sports, is one less kid on the street. This is how they think in the province and in Pilar ”, added Achával.

For his part, the governor declared: “I congratulate the municipality for this Cup that puts them to play, to share the sport, that brings us together as a society. Our gaze is to open and include and now we cannot be happier. We can build a better province. We are going to show that we are here to recover what was lost during the pandemic ”.


2 | Sewer work in Morón

The mayor of Morón Lucas Ghi, together with the head of the National Public Works portfolio, Gabriel Katopodis, the Minister of Infrastructure of the Province of Buenos, Leonardo Nardini, the president of Aguas y Saneamientos Argentinos (AySA), Malena Galmarini, and the former mayor and head of Acumar, Martín Sabbatella, enabled the sewer network for the Gaona neighborhood, in El Palomar. The work will benefit 4,080 neighbors. In addition, the Municipality and AySA signed an agreement to continue with the potable water works for the San Francisco neighborhood, located in South Morón. The initiative takes place within the framework of the Water + Work Plan, promoted by AySA.

The program aims to promote works with work cooperatives to generate new sources of employment. In this case, the social enterprise that will carry out the project is the Nueva Ideal Morón Ltda Work Cooperative. The communal chief pointed out: “Until a few months ago, the residents of this neighborhood did not have access to a service as sensitive as it is water, and today they have it. This changes lives. A public policy has to be at the service of those specific needs, which affect the quality of life of our people. We are very little to achieve that task which is to reach the entire district with the connection to the water and the sewer ”.


3 | Healthy Heart Campaign

The free campaign to prevent cardiovascular diseases “Healthy Heart” continues, a program of the Municipality of San Isidro with health posts on public roads so that residents can carry out different free medical checks. The next stop will be on Saturday, October 16, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at the Martínez station.

Specialists from the Municipality’s Health system will carry out blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, nutrition, stress, and dentistry checks and, within the framework of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an oncology team will provide advice to prevent this disease.

In addition, flu and calendar vaccinations will be applied.

In addition, in parallel, gazebos will be installed in the mast of San Isidro (9 de Julio and Acassuso) to check blood pressure, cholesterol, glycemia, and get vaccinated against the flu, and apply calendar vaccines.

The Secretary of Public Health, Juan Viaggio pointed out that heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the world and one of the reasons lies in the lack of control of risk factors. However, he warned that “these pathologies can be prevented and treated, if one acts on the risk factors (sedentary lifestyle, overweight, tobacco consumption)”.


4 | More paving works

Together with families in the area, the mayor of Ituzaingó, Alberto Descalzo, led the start of the paving works, at the intersection of Cosquín and Brandsen, in the San Gabriel neighborhood. Accompanied by Pablo Piana -president of the Deliberative Council-, Martín Rossi -secretary of Planning, Urban Development and Environment- and Juan Manuel Álvarez Luna -secretary of Government and Security- the communal chief explained that these works will extend four blocks on Cosquín street and they will advance along Zárate.

“It is a day of great joy because from the local government, with municipal funds, we execute different work fronts that improve communication, walkability and the quality of life of residents throughout the district”, declared Barefoot, who also announced that the comprehensive plan for patching, paving, and paving work includes works in some 200 blocks from Ituzaingó, which are added to the enhancement that the municipality carries out together with the national and Buenos Aires governments, in different arteries -such as, for example, the Néstor Kirchner avenue, Pérez Quintana, the Famatina, Almagro and José María Paz road corridor-.


5 | Renewal of places

Since the beginning of the management, year after year, comprehensive renovation works are carried out in different squares throughout the Vicente López district. So far in 2021, partial and total interventions have been carried out in 5 squares of the municipality.

The mayor Jorge Macri, together with neighbors, visited the completion of the “Plaza Los Intendentes de Villa Martelli”, a comprehensive renovation was carried out there, adding new paths, tables, urban equipment, children’s games with anti-shock floors, new led lights and a new mural of “Viví Arte” made by the artist Bernardo Ezcurra and entitled “Despertar Amarillo”.

“In Vicente López we continue to build a more sustainable and nature-friendly municipality with each commitment we make. Thanks to the Squares Renovation Plan that we carry out this year, all residents will have renovated spaces to enjoy the outdoors near their homes ”, expressed Jorge Macri.

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