where the State protects

of the granting; through a system that is accessible, such as the Casa Propia line and this Procrear II line, with zero-rate credits ”.

“Today, Ituzaingó families received the key to their house and others will have the possibility of starting to build it; This is the result of a State that has a political decision and a clear commitment to recognize the rights of Argentines, ”he added.


2 | Lucas Ghi and Juan Cabandié in Castelar

The mayor of Morón, Lucas Ghi and the Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation, Juan Cabandié, participated in a tour of the Sero Electric factory, installed in the Morón Aeronautical Technological Industrial Park (PITAM), in the town of Castelar .

The authorities, together with representatives of the company, visited the facilities of the company that is dedicated to the production of electric cars. The officials celebrated the work carried out by the company and highlighted the importance of this type of production for the development of sustainable mobility, as one of the keys to reducing environmental pollution.

Present during the meeting were the Secretary for Strategic Planning, Pablo Itzcovich; and the director of Environmental Policies, María Virginia Passo.


3 | Posse swept San Isidro

With 58% of the votes obtained, the ballot headed by Diego Santilli in Juntos achieved a historic triumph in San Isidro in the general legislative elections, obtaining 48% of the votes, against 21% of Peronism, which was ranked second. strength.

The mayor of San Isidro, Gustavo Posse, who supported the local list headed by Juan Viaggio and Macarena Posse, received the results in the bunker located on Francia Street.

According to what they indicated from the possismo, for the mayor it is the best legislative election (mid-term) since the return of democracy.

Third was the Convocation space, with 14.8% of the votes.


4 | Resurfacing works progress

In the continuity of the program to improve the road layout, which is being carried out by the mayor, Alfredo Francolini, the Ministry of Urban Development is deepening the tasks of resurfacing, patching, sealing joints and construction of the gutter cordon.

On 25 de Mayo Street, in the southern area, comprehensive resurfacing works are progressing at a good pace.

“We are finishing the paving in the vicinity of the Sarmiento Club with concrete. We also work on the speed bump in front of the club and we will continue north, because it is a street that requires a comprehensive repair. This work will bring an improvement for the neighborhood and for the neighbors ”, commented the director of Paved Streets of the Municipality, Daniel Martínez, who accompanied Francolini in the supervision he carried out of the works in progress.


5 | Enhancement of exruta 197

The mayor of Tigre Julio Zamora supervised the work carried out from the Taurita bridge to the roundabout on Avenida Liniers. Tasks include LED lighting, afforestation and widening of the lanes. In this regard, the community chief said: “This is a very important work for all of Tigre, this neighborhood is going to be transformed. It is part of a plan that we are executing together with the National and Provincial Governments. We are advancing in works and taking progress to the entire community ”.

The works will continue, in a second stage, towards the Camino de los Remeros on Avenida Liniers, where a comprehensive renovation will also be carried out. He accompanied the mayor, the Secretary General, Public Works and Services, Pedro Heyde.

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