De Bruyne's celebration and Sterling's smile

It was the duel of the date Premier League. The great opportunity for Chelsea, the current champion of the Champions League, gave a hit away from home and cut the advantage that he had Manchester City, the monarch of the English league, just the one he beat when he established himself in Europe… But there was no such thing, but rather the opposite: in a close game, different from the back-and-forth shows that the best league in the world usually offers world, Pep Guardiola’s team won 1-0 in his stadium, he celebrated in a big way and got 13 points! to his escort, when there is still almost half a tournament to play. Liverpool, with two games less than both, is 14 points behind City.

The match summary

The match was played at the Etihad Stadium and City’s goal was scored Belgian Kevin De Bruyne 24 minutes into the second half, with a superb definition: he led the ball from the left to the center and from the entrance to the crescent he took a curved right hand, with a “thread” inward, against the left post of Kepa, the Spanish goalkeeper of Chelsea. The ball entered from below, without too much power: he did not need it to become a great goal.

De Bruyne’s celebration and Sterling’s smileMatt McNulty – Manchester City – Manchester City FC

The course of the meeting was a game of chess, each one studying their movements and those of the adversary, aware of the other’s potential. In the first half there were risky situations and the goalkeepers looked very effective, especially Kepa, who blocked a one-on-one with Jack Grealish.

In the second stage, the defending European champion took the lead on the field of play and was very close to establishing a difference when the Belgian Romelu Lukaku finished off before the exit of the Brazilian goalkeeper Ederson Moraes, who aborted a very clear goal chance. At 24 minutes, De Bruyne scored the goal, from which Chelsea would no longer recover.

City thus defeated Chelsea, who won the final of the last Champions League 1-0 with a goal from German Kai Havertz, and is heading towards a new title in the Premier guided by the Spanish Pep Guardiola.

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