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After gaining a chance and making mistakes, the defender was “archived” and should not remain in the Tricolor Gaucho in 2022

Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Mancini: does not have a defender at Grêmio
Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF – Mancini: does not have a defender at Grêmio

The main objective of the Guild in this final stretch of 2021 is to guarantee the permanence in Series A of the Brazilian Championship. The coach Vagner Mancini was hired just over a month ago with the mission of recovering the team and avoiding the third relegation of Tricolor Gaucho to the second division. The club, however, already needs to look to the future and start planning the next season.

Despite the short time in charge, Mancini already exposed your preferences in Grêmio, indicating the players who are part of the plans. Recently, the right-back Victor Ferraz, which had not been used, he requested for terminate your contract. Leaving the club could be the way to another medallion that lost space for good in Porto Alegre.

After starting the first two games with the new coach, Paulo Miranda lost space and have indefinite future at Grêmio. The 33-year-old defender has not been on the field since the away game for Atlético-GO, on the day October 25, when he committed a penalty and was sent off for the 2-0 defeat.

According to journalist Eduardo Gabardo, from the portal “GaúchaZH”, the medallion is now outside the plans of Vagner Mancini’s technical committee. O contract by Paulo Miranda with Grêmio, however, is still long, lasting until the end of 2022, and two possibilities are being studied by the board to resolve the situation.

Tricolor awaits the definition of its future in Brasileirão to start a reformulation in the cast and, in case of proposal, will facilitate the exit of the defender. A termination with Paulo Mirada is also a possibility. In Grêmio since 2018, the defender has 88 performances with six goals scored.

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