Mandatory vaccination for healthcare staff: French-speaking trade union...

The French-speaking government union CSC Services publics threatens with harsh actions in the Brussels and Walloon hospitals after the agreement within the government on a mandatory vaccination for healthcare staff.


Today at 15:33

The federal core cabinet has reached an agreement on Friday about a regulation for compulsory vaccination in healthcare. From 1 January, healthcare staff will have three months to be vaccinated. Anyone who refuses to do so will be fired and immediately receive full unemployment benefits, or will be suspended without pay.

The deal provides a sort of loophole compared to an earlier government compromise. Healthcare personnel who indicate this in writing before 31 March can also simply be suspended. In that case, you will be without wages or benefits, but the employment contract will continue to exist.

But according to the government union, it is hardly an improvement. “Why should a sanction be attached to non-vaccination?”, said national union secretary Véronique Sabel.

CSC Services publics had previously submitted a strike notice for the Brussels and Walloon hospitals. This notice takes effect on Monday and is valid for a whole week. The union is now threatening “tougher actions” and says it will continue to mobilize against the measure.


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