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No sanctioned athlete Due to the consumption of steroids on two occasions by the body that governs their sport, they will be able to enter the Dominican Sports Pavilion of Fame, according to the regulations of the body, explained its president doctor Dionisio Guzmán.

“Our regulations are around three years veto for life to repeat offenders in this practice, “said Dr. Guzmán.

This situation affects the players at the moment Robinson Cano, New York Mets in Major League Baseball and former Major League Baseball Manny Ramirez.

In the same order, Dr. Guzmán explained that the athlete who tested positive once, must wait 10 years after his retirement, to be evaluated the possibility of his entry into immortality.

That situation affects Robinson Canó and former Major League Baseball, Manny Ramírez

In principle, the regulation establishes that eligibility occurs five years after retirement, complying with other moral standards and behavior in society.

Dr. Guzmán was reiterative in pointing out that the Dominican Sports Pavilion of Fame’s principle is to recognize the merit of athletes throughout their sports careers.

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