Many accidents this afternoon

Heavy rainfall is reported in some parts of the country. Adapt your driving to the weather conditions!

Several accidents to report:

– an accident on the E40 Liège – Brussels at km 95.5 at Haut-Sarts, the left and central lanes were neutralized in the direction of Brussels, 4 cars and 1 truck involved; Passage only right lane 1h30 lost towards Brussels; 30 minutes in line from Awans to Aachen;

– slowdowns towards the center of Liège from Kinkempois, there are queues for 1km (+ 20min) towards the center of Liège; dfrom Angleur there are queues for 2km (+ 30min) in the direction of the center of Liège; dsince Grivegnée there are queues for 1.5km (+ 20min) in the direction of the center of Liège; thehe center of the fiery city is totally saturated.

slowdowns caused by works on the E411 Arlon – Namur at 5:52 pm there are queues from Léglise for 7km (+ 35min) towards Namur;

slowdowns also on the ring of Brussels in external traffic between Wezembeek and Grand-Bigard +45 minutes; in internal circulation, between Hal and Woluwe St Etienne + 30min, between between Woluwé-St-Etienne and Ittre + 30MIN

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