A parade of victims and sympathizers against sexual abuse in the infamous Waff and El Café in Brussels has mobilized 1,300 people, according to the police. The court is investigating a number of rape allegations in those two infamous bars. A bartender allegedly drugged and abused several women. The facts would have been going on for years.

There was a lot of anger and rage in the procession. The group shouted slogans such as “Victime on te croit, aggresseur on te voit”. (Victim, we believe you. Aggressor, we see you) Someone was wearing a pancarte: “Violeur, on va te couper ta bite”. (rapist, we’re going to chop off your member). They want an end to years of sexual abuse in Brussels cafes.

The movement was launched after two young women shared their traumatic experience on the Instagram page of ‘Féminisme Libertaire Bruxelles’. Afterwards, others also shared horror stories after a night out in cocktail bar El Café or de Waff, both from the same owner, in the hip student neighborhood at the cemetery of Ixelles.

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