Juan Manzur and Matías Lammens presented the Clubs en Obra card that will be used to buy construction materials.

The event was held outdoors at the club LET’S GO from the Belgrano neighborhood with the presence of the former Ombudsman and candidate for legislator Alexander love; the former player and legislator Claudio Morresi, and representatives of the different Buenos Aires clubs.

The “Clubs in Work Card” is a credit card in the name of the person in charge designated by the institution, preloaded with the money necessary to purchase the materials, as reported by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

In this way, funds will be granted to the bank account of the beneficiary institution, which will allow direct financing of the workforce, all of this for the development of infrastructure works that are requested and duly approved.

“This card allows you to manage what can be done in the club, which are the heart of public policies. This government has had strong support for the clubs. Argentina is a powerhouse in team sports and you were very important.”Lammens said on the specially built stage in the midday sun.

“We started small, but we know everything the neighborhood clubs did, with great social responsibility. There will be a policy to strengthen the clubs in the neighborhoods throughout Argentina, especially in CABA.”Manzur said.

“President Alberto Fernández knows the importance of the clubs. Today he is not here because he is in a factory that reincorporated workers, but he sent greetings to you”added the chief of staff.

“The clubs have social importance and sometimes suffered the role of the State, like the previous one that invested almost nothing. This is also a historical recognition of the clubs and what they did during the pandemic.”, assured Lammens before the consultation of Télam.

For its part, Amor highlighted the work of the clubs from the first day of the restrictions in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The clubs were converted into places of assistance, in dining rooms, they had a great social commitment. This policy has been carried out since last year with all the clubs in Argentina. You have to listen to these experiences,” said Amor.

“In the City of Buenos Aires there are 500 clubs and they are used by the Buenos Aires Government to do sports. We expected one more hand from the Buenos Aires Government, we had it much more from the Nation. The rate hit the clubs a lot and so everything went ahead and the national government granted a plan that had not been given for many decades, “he added.

Manzur Lammens

Juan Manzur and Matías Lammens presented the Clubs en Obra card that will be used to buy construction materials.

“The City of Buenos Aires must allocate one more effort for the clubs. Beyond accompanying them with a current subsidy, it did not pay much attention to them,” said Lammens.

With the Clubs en Obra Card, each user has up to 120 days to spend all of the money allocated for the work. After this period, you will no longer be able to make any more purchases.

It is valid in all businesses in the country that accept the Mastercard and that are in the following areas: construction materials, tiles, ceramics, paintwork, lighting, frames, racks, glass, hardware, hardware stores, electrical items, aluminum carpentry , of wood, locksmith, enclosures, partitions and doors.

Clubes en Obra is a historic investment for neighborhood clubs to improve their infrastructure and carry out renovation, expansion and maintenance projects for their facilities.

More than 3,000 clubs were supported with this plan that generated more than 7,000 jobs and monopolized 580 municipalities throughout the country with infrastructure works for more than 100 sports centers in all regions..

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