Maraisa, Maiara's sister, vents about relationships on the web

The singer Maraisa, who forms the successful country duo alongside his sister, Maiara, decided to use social networks to make a kind of outburst. On her official Twitter account, the countrywoman, who has 1 million followers on her profile, spoke about her romantic relationships. In a short message, she explained that if she could, she would like to erase her past and start from scratch.

“I wanted you a machine to erase my love past. That would solve half of my problems”, said Maraisa, who received thousands of likes on her post. In another publication, she shared the lyrics of a song by the duo Henrique and Julian. “Even if you turn the fuck on, you’re still the biggest nostalgia…”, she said, who also shared the music video for ‘Motel Aphrodite’, which also talks about saudade.

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Show for Marília Mendonça

A few days after the singer’s death Marília Mendonça, in November last year, the duo Maiara and Maraisa performed in the countryside of São Paulo. The presentation would be from the queen of suffering and ended up serving as a tribute to her. In her social networks, Maraisa made an outburst about it.

“It was a tremendous challenge for us! The first show we ‘covered’ for our Lila! The responsibility was huge! But when we step on this stage, we feel the energy of these people so in love with her! And through the smiles, screams and looks, he proved to us that we are capable of making, not just one, but every night, special and unforgettable! And we could feel, stronger than ever, her presence there, in every look and in every tear! Gratitude Lorena-SP, for welcoming us and, through that love, making us feel stronger and braver to face this challenge! You guys were amazing! It was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who showed their love! Bosses”, said the sertaneja.


On the day of Marília Mendonça’s funeral, Maraisa used Instagram to vent about her friend’s death.

“Everything in my body hurts… I only know how to talk while crying and you know very well how bad I am at these things. I never imagined that one day I would have to get a black outfit to meet you for the last time like it was today. I kissed, touched and when they were going to close I already thought I would never see you again! And our dreams?? And our plans?? I’m not satisfied, in alpha!”, said the singer.

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