Marc Coucke and Bart Versluys bring in Peter Goossens to manage the restaurant of luxury hotel La Réserve (Knokke-Heist)


Marc Coucke and Bart Versluys are confirming their intention to turn the iconic hotel La Réserve in Knokke into a leading luxury hotel: three-star chef Peter Goossens will lead the hotel restaurant from the summer of 2023.

Star chef Peter Goossens will divide his time between his three-star restaurant Hof van Cleve in Kruisem and La Réserve from the summer of 2023, when the hotel’s renovated restaurant opens. In Knokke, he takes full responsibility for the restaurant in the luxury hotel. “Peter will take full responsibility, coordination and recipe for the new restaurant of La Réserve,” it says in a press release.


The luxury hotel La Réserve is owned by Marc Coucke and Bart Versluys. They will invest more than 7 million in the luxury hotel in the coming years. There will be a new lobby and the wellness & spa will be upgraded. In addition, investments are also being made in the restaurant.

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“When I signed the contract with La Réserve, I was already thinking about Peter Goossens”, says Coucke. “We have had some fascinating and engaged conversations and I am more than honored that he will become the driving force behind La Réserve’s restaurant.”

Goossens is also enthusiastic. “From the first meeting, I was drawn in by the enthusiasm surrounding this project. It’s so beautiful that I just want to be a part of it. I am very happy that I can help expand this unique location with my experience and inspiration. La Réserve will become a culinary hotspot, both for hotel guests and visitors to Knokke Heist.”

Eddy Walravens, the man who will lead the daily operation of hotel La Réserve, says he is delighted. “Hotel guests will be able to enjoy Peter Goossens’ cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are perfectly on track to offer the quality of a five-star hotel by the summer of 2023.”

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