Marc Noppen (UZ Brussel): “Remarkably more children in hospital with corona infection”


The omikron variant creates a whole new picture in hospitals, says UZ Brussel CEO Mark Noppen in The morning. “Remarkably more children are getting sick.”

The fifth corona wave continues to gain speed in our country day after day. But because it is less sickening, the Covid pressure in the hospitals is still manageable for the time being. “There is a slight increase, but not exponentially”, says Marc Noppen, CEO of UZ Brussel, in The morning. “And the new patients can usually leave the hospital after a few days.”

What Noppen notices during the fifth wave is in pediatrics. “I had a meeting with the pediatricians this morning and they told me that the emergency room at the pediatrics is completely full. That is a new element at Omikron: it seems that remarkably more children are falling ill. Of course, that comes on top of the burden of normal seasonal illnesses such as RSZ and other pneumonia.”

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