Marc Van Ranst critical of antivaxxers: “Do they only find themselves…


Virologist Marc Van Ranst is not pleased with people who refuse the corona vaccine. “As a society, we have to draw consequences from that.”

Peter Malaise

Today at 18:41

Should anti-vaxxers stand in front of the mirror and say ‘thanks to me people suffer extra, thanks to me people die’? “They’re not going to do that,” says Van Ranst. “They only care about themselves. Society has become hyper-liberal, where thinking about the common good no longer counts. It is their free choice to refuse the vaccine, but as a society we have to draw consequences from that. If I want to become a taxi driver, but I don’t think a driver’s license is necessary at all, it won’t work either.”

People without a vaccine take up an enormous amount of space in Intensive Care, Van Ranst also realizes.” Certainly for the small group they are. I understand people who are very angry because they need urgent medical care and who are put off because there is no more room. Patients whose urgent surgery has to be postponed: you just have to experience it. Doctors and nurses are also out due to the virus, so people have to be quarantined.”

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