Marc Van Ranst evokes a "lockdown light", but wonders: "Will the Belgians stick to it?"

Entered into force last Saturday, are the health measures announced following the Consultation Committee sufficient? This is the question which is currently agitating Belgium, while the governors of the ten provinces of the country demanded on Wednesday that the next Codeco be brought forward and that the Federal “take the measure of the situation and the evolution of the figures of the country. ‘epidemic”. “We cannot get rid of the virus”, conceded the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke in committee of the House, predicting “very difficult weeks” from a health point of view by Christmas.

But he still hopes to save the holidays, like Marc Van Ranst. The virologist fears that the Belgian population will not accept new measures during the end of the year holidays. For him, simply canceling family gatherings for Christmas would be “a difficult political decision” for all, but above all: “People will they accept it and stick to it?” Asks the virologist with the Nieuwsblad . For him, the solution would be to strengthen health restrictions before the holidays, so that they can be celebrated as it should, together. With VTM, he speaks of a “lockdown light”: “We risk having a lighter confinement, for example with an early closure of the Horeca”.

For biostatistician Geert Molenberghs too, new measures seem inevitable. But he hopes that new containment is not considered: “It’s too heavy. Due to the high rate of vaccination, full containment is no longer necessary […] But action may be needed to stop this spread now, so that we can keep our schools and our economy open. “

Either way, Christmas and New Years will undoubtedly be disrupted to a minimum by the coronavirus. And that, perhaps for a few more years, said in De Standaard Elke Geraerts, doctor of psychology. “Our holidays will be different from now on,” she said, encouraging citizens to come to terms with “the years to come will be a yo-yo between relaxations and restrictions.”

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