The investigators were carrying out tests on the van where the ex-rugbier was found.

This Sunday, from 9 in the morning, he will testify in the prosecutor’s office of Lujan the wife of Marcelo Longhi, the former rugbier who was found dead last Thursday, with his neck broken, in his truck and on the side of a road, at the height of that town in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Is about Viviana Longhi, who will recount the details of her husband’s last hours, conversations and everything she knows about the sheep purchase operation that her husband was going to carry out. The woman will appear before Mariana Virginia Suarez, head of the decentralized Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 9 of Luján to give his testimony.

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What’s more, Alexander Broitman, lawyer for the victim’s family, told TN that they will provide as evidence the computer that Longhi used in the Municipal Club of Vicente Lopez (Vilo) and that Suárez had requested.

“We know that he contacted the people who were going to sell him the rams through social networks,” he said about it. They believe that the information from the PC could complete the analysis of the last communications he had from his cell phone.

The investigators were carrying out tests on the van where the ex-rugbier was found.

According to testimonies, Longhi had been attracted by the good price offered for three calves and asked for 140,000 pesos to your partner and friend, Pablo Achard to complete the 180 thousand requested by the operation.

Although the prosecution investigates the members of the club that Longhi presided over and does not rule out hypotheses, Broitman does not believe the crime is linked to the athlete’s environment. Instead, he suspects that the sale of the animals it worked as a “hook” to steal the money.

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In that sense, he stressed that no beer cans or silver that he took to the field were found in the truck and that it is being investigated whether the body was “planted” at the site of the discovery. “That was not the scene of the murder,” considered the lawyer who supports the hypothesis of robbery as a motive.

At the same time, he explained that the people who called 911 were not the ones who found the body: “A man in a gray van passed by the house and told them what he had seen and asked them to call.”

Meanwhile, the prosecutor awaits the skills of Longhi’s cell phone, found next to the body.

What is known about the crime of former rugby player Marcelo Longhi

  • The former rugbier was found murdered with a blow to the face and a broken neck inside a truck about 15 meters from the shoulder of a road near the Luján district, west of the Buenos Aires suburbs.
  • The autopsy determined that Longhi died from a maneuver that caused him to break his neck. The body had no gunshot or stab wounds.
  • The victim had a blow to the face probably produced by a fist and that the date of death would be between 14 and 16 on Wednesday, January 12.
  • Investigators believe that two people participated in the crime: one who took the victim from the front and another who broke his neck from behind.

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