Marcelo talks about abuses in the Church, TAP and housing in an interview with PÚBLICO/RTP | President

The silence of Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s last days regarding sexual abuse in the Church, the controversies surrounding housing and the report by the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) that resulted in the exoneration of TAP’s leadership ends this Thursday in the interview that the President of the Republic will give to PÚBLICO and RTP.

PÚBLICO knows that, despite the various points on the public agenda since Monday, Marcelo has maintained an unusual silence on the hottest topics of today in order to be able to address them in greater depth in the interview scheduled for this Thursday night. , the same day that seven years have passed since his arrival at the Palace of Belém.

Just this Wednesday, the President told journalists, on the sidelines of an event at the Catholic University, that he would answer questions about current affairs in the interview in partnership between PÚBLICO and the public station.

“Topics like IGF, housing, sexual abuse – tell me more exciting things –, mistreatment in homes and such, Thursday, Friday I speak”, he said. still throughout that night site do PÚBLICO and from 00:00 on Friday in the paper version of this publication.

This will be the first opportunity to hear Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa speak about the position of the bishops on the report of the independent commission on abuses in the Church.

Shortly after receiving the report with the conclusions of the independent commission on abuses in the Church, the President asked for a “new position for the future” of the institution, so now it will be understood how Marcelo interprets the initial steps taken by the Portuguese bishops.

As for the Government’s package of measures on housing, the President began to compare it to a “melon”, which “you only know if it’s good after opening it”. However, the executive’s measures were submitted to public consultation through the formulation of concrete proposals on which Marcelo will already be able to pronounce, since the coercive leasing the doubts of constitutionality that it raises.

Finally, the head of state had already publicly defended that it would be up to the Minister of Finance, Fernando Medina, to draw conclusions from the report that he himself requested from the IGF in relation to the compensation of half a million euros paid by TAP to its former administrator Alexandra Reis .

Once the report was completed and the dismissals of the chaiman and the CEO of TAP to the solution found for the departure of Reis from the airline, which the President himself considered “difficult to understand”, it will be time to hear Marcelo say if he was satisfied with the outcome of the process that should now follow the trail in judicial litigation .

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