March Women’s Fair has an extension until Sunday (12)

Image: Reproduction / TV Bahia

The deadline for attendance at the March Woman Fair was extended until next Sunday (12). According to information from the organization of the event and from TV Bahia, demand has not increased and the expectation is that around 40,000 people will be covered.

The action, which takes place at Arena Fonte Nova, started on Wednesday (8) and would end on Saturday (9). It was made in celebration of International Women’s Day. At the moment, consultations are being offered in the specialties of mastology and gynecology, referral of elective surgeries of hysterectomy, gallbladder and umbilical, epigastric and inguinal hernias.

There are also consultations and ophthalmological examinations and screening for cataract surgery for women over 60, in addition to dental care. On every day, hundreds of women waited in line for service.

According to Edvaldo Gomes, all the people who went to the place were attended. He also said that the long queue registered on the first day of action ended around 9:30 am and the movement was calmer until 5 pm, closing time. More details of the fair in this link!

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