Márcio Victor descends from the trio and hugs a lamb during the circuit

Singer Márcio Victor surprised fans during his presentation at the Dodô circuit, this Friday (17). The artist got down from the trio and danced with a fan, in addition to hugging the lamb they work with during the party. See video:

The artist sang the song “Quebre, vai, negona” moved the fan who danced along with Psirico. “I’m going to elect that lamb in the middle to be queen”, she said before stepping down from the trio. The artist still took the opportunity to sing the song ‘Firme e Forte’. “Since there are so many people from my favela here, get everyone together and let’s sing”, he invited.

So far, Luiza Sonza, Parangolé, Bell Marques, Léo Santana and Claudia Leitte have already started to parade down the avenue. Revelers will still be able to have fun with the sound of artists such as Anitta, Daniela Mercury, Cheiro de Amor, among other great names.

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