Mónica Antonópulos and Marco Antonio Caponi portrayed by Leo Sbaraglia.

Marco Antonio Caponi is one of the actors from Mendoza who triumphed at the national level and to whom they have a great appreciation in the province. It is that the artist knew how to place himself in the middle, but with the advancement of the networks, he also managed to capture his own audience that is very faithful to him.

Caponi used to sharing deep content on his Instagram, and often without neglecting humor. Just as whenever he can, he takes the opportunity to show his love to his son and his wife, Monica Antonopoulos, also gives his opinion on serious topics.

Mónica Antonópulos and Marco Antonio Caponi portrayed by Leo Sbaraglia.

For these situations, he de-dramatizes by using the filter of a face that is not his, although his features can be identified. And with this “identity” stood up when giving his opinion on the heat wave and Covid-19, two of the most important topics of the week.

The strong reflection of Marco Antonio Caponi on Instagram

The actor he was uncomfortable and annoyed with the heat wave that affected much of the country. He has lived in Buenos Aires for several years, and there the high temperatures felt like in Mendoza, with peaks of more than 40 degrees.

Given this situation, added to the spent two full days without electricity and with water shortages, took his cell phone and spoke to his followers.

“Hello people, I’m lying on a small lawn that I had because look what it is… it’s totally dry, on fire“, started.

And he quickly got into the subject: “Why don’t we think, what is this. We have to go out and drill the seas as if nothing had happened. We didn’t learn anything, right?”.

The coronavirus is the absolute product of the intervention of the human being on nature”, Caponi expressed with total seriousness in networks.

“Or we have no memory when they set fire to the Amazon and all of Australia. The lungs of the earth were burned and we will continue to insist,” he added.

And then he launched a reflection: “Why don’t we preserve our home, the pachamama, nature. I really say”. “Are we crazy or are we going to continue devouring ourselves?” he closed.

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