Marcos Rojo's rabona, a classic that returned with Boca's shirt and in La Bombonera

If the match between Boca and Defensa y Justicia had been played in pre-ndemic times, what Marcos Rojo did in the 25th minute of the second half would have started an avalanche and a standing ovation in every corner of La Bombonera. Battaglia’s team was looking for 1-0 against Beccacece’s team and after a corner kick the ball fell on Rojo’s right leg, and everyone already knew what was going to happen.

Former Students passed his left leg behind the right and put a hoot looking to surprise Unsain. The ball bounced and fell to the kid Medina, who wanted to place it in the goalkeeper’s left angle and caused one of the night’s saves. The zero tie seemed to be nailed but Rojo left his trademark pearlite.

In a goat game for Boca, with Walter Bou crowned as one of the good figures of the game, the defender closed quite a correct night, somewhat better than his fellow behind Cali Izquierdoz. In fact, a saving crossing of Marcos avoided what could have been the first for the visit. But the play of the night was the rabona of those who are candidating to win a place in the Argentine National Team.

A flashback

Of course, this is not the first time that Red uses this resource to avoid hitting the ball with his right hand. Nothing less than a World Cup had already done it! Yes, it was on June 15, 2014, at the premiere of the National Team at the World Cup in Brazil, in which those led by Alejandro Sabella reached the final against Germany.

At the beginning of the second half of the match against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Argentina led 1-0 but the Europeans came out with everything to put pressure on Pachorra’s team. At 6 ‘of the complement, the center-back received a pass within his own area and as in the Bombonera he did not walk with laps: he took a rabona and sent the ball to the side. The little luxury did not take long to go viral and was one of the most remembered images of that World Cup.

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