Margareth Menezes and Gilberto Gil receive an ovation in a show at Expresso 2222; look

Margareth Menezes and Gilberto Gil put on a special show this Saturday (18), in Expresso box 2222. References to the country’s culture, the two were applauded by the public who enjoyed the show.

To the sound of the song that bears the name of the cabin, the artists livened up the space, which was full of celebrities and special guests. Applauded, the Minister of Culture was touched by the public’s affection.

“This moment is very special in my life, but it is even more special for us to see Carnival again on the streets, people again on the streets, Culture again in Brazil. That’s good, we are in a special moment”, highlighted Margareth.

To the sound of the audience shouting ‘Ministers’, visibly delighted, the two showed the affection they feel for each other. “This 2222 has a lot of cool stuff. I am very happy to be singing with you!”, emphasized Magareth. Gil then added: “Singing with Magah, who I met as a little girl, is very special!”


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