Margarida Moreira’s animal: “Zoya has a rock star spirit” | testimonial

“I have always had pets in my family. My parents have a garden and we’ve always had cats and dogs, so I’m lucky to have had very special animals in my life. my bitch Zoya It’s my first pet. But with my parents I still have a dog, the Zorroand the Tobias, a cat, which I adopted in the making of the film Mau Mau MariThe.

met the Zoya after having seen a photo of her and two baby brothers in Plural’s make-up room, when she was recording the soap opera The Web. A colleague was showing a picture of some babies that had been born and were up for adoption. At first, I chose a sister from Zoya who unfortunately got sick. But when I went to pick up my dog, who was about two months old, it was love at first sight.

It was so small that it could fit in one hand, and at first it was frightening. As I have always had large baby dogs, I thought she would be bigger than she was. But Zoya it’s a hurricane and, right on the first night, it burst into the house full of energy and very happy. She is very protective, even overly so, and has a very strong and stubborn personality. She was always very rebellious and I think even with a spirit of rock star. Despite being sweet and sweet to us, it is not very sociable either for people or for other dogs.

She likes to be with me and my partner wherever it is. I’ve never seen a dog as happy to be home as she is. He also loves walking in the countryside and exploring the spaces where he is, but his favorite place is the beach. Running after the ball and walking with it in her mouth makes her very happy.

I would love to have more dogs. By the way, I really want the Zoya be a mother and stay with one of her children. I imagine my life always with these best friends around me.

Besides dogs, I really like horses. I think they are the most beautiful and noble animals that exist. When I was a child, we had a family farm with a mare that was very sweet, but when she felt me ​​on top of her, she started running across the farm and tried to put me down. I had a scare that I still haven’t gotten over.

I don’t know what role it would have in animal rights, but I think that example is one of the most important roles, sometimes undervalued. If my example of adopting and not buying animals inspires someone, I’m happy. A pet becomes part of the family; if it is otherwise, don’t have it. If you don’t have a garden or outdoor spaces, please don’t adopt large animals. For the rest, love much and be loved.”

Testimony constructed from an email interview

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