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The candidate for deputy for the City of Buenos Aires from Together for Change, Maria Eugenia Vidal, asked President Alberto Fernández today during the City’s candidate debate that took place in the one of you to ask the Minister of Security to resign, Anibal Fernandez, after his sayings to the comedian Nik.

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“I want to ask the President to ask Aníbal Fernández to resign,” said the former governor during the City’s candidate debate that took place in the run-up to the legislative elections on November 14.

Also present in the study were Leandro santoro, candidate of the Front of All, Javier Milei, candidate for Libertad Avanza, and Myriam Bregman, candidate of the Left Front.

Vidal made the claim a day after the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, starred in a crossroads with the comedian Nik on social networks.

Everything arose from a criticism of the cartoonist to the extent of the Government of the Province to give graduate trips to the students. The official responded with data suggesting that he knew where Nik’s daughters attended school and controversy broke out.

Nik denounced a “veiled threat” from Aníbal Fernández: “I’m afraid”

“Give away refrigerators, carafes, graduate trips, plans, little money, whatever, whatever comes. How sad to never hear the word WORK, EFFORT, FUTURE ”, wrote Nik on his Twitter account.

Then the new head of the Security portfolio responded: “Many schools and colleges of the CABA receive subsidies from the state and it’s fine. For example the ORT school / college. Do you know her? Yes, you know her … Or do you want me to draw you a little picture? Excellent school I guarantee. I repeat… Do you know him? ”Fernández wrote.

“The minister of security dedicates me a persecutory tweet with a “veiled” threat hinting that know the school my daughters go to minors. The minister who must give “SECURITY” to all Argentines harasses those who think differently. I’m afraid”, The cartoonist wrote quickly.

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