Maria Lina
Maria Lina (Rerodução / Instagram)

Maria Lina, ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, used his social networks on Tuesday (14) to explain some comments from some followers about his emotional situation after the loss of his son John Michael, fruit of his relationship with the comedian.

Through stories on Instagram, the civil engineering student shared her life after the loss and the challenge of keeping well every day.

“I get messages asking me, ‘You’re always fine, always smiling, showing up here.’ It’s a challenge for me to rescue on social media, I’ve only been working with this for a month. But I have a lot to improve. Then they ask me: ‘How is she doing so well after everything she’s been through?, started.

“I don’t believe that one problem is bigger than the other, I have my fight, everyone has their fight. Only you know the pain you carry inside your heart. What I do to always have a smile on my face, work, appear here happy, laughing, is that I look around and think: ‘look how many amazing people I have around me: family, friends, even my employees are amazing”, he added.

Even keeping her emotional stability stable, Maria Lina said that she seeks to respect her pain: “When I’m down, I respect my moment. What motivates me every day is that the bad times will pass. I only had peace in my heart when I gave it into God’s hand and said: ‘God, do your will,’” he revealed. “I gave it into God’s hands at my worst moment, I believed in Him”, he concluded.

Want to have more children

Still about her son, it is worth remembering that a short time ago Maria Lina used her social networks to talk to her followers. During the chat, the young woman confessed that she intends to have more children in the future.

“Do you intend to have another child?”, asked an internet user.“Surely! John would love to have other siblings, and motherhood is a real passion of my life. Gestar was by far the best experience I’ve ever had in my life”, replied the civil engineering student.

Then, the cat said that she started therapy to be able to deal with the difficult times she went through: “I consider myself a very strong woman. I overcome all of life’s adversities with great determination, but even so I don’t give up psychological help. If I could give people a genuine tip, that tip would be: ‘Take care of your mental health with lots of love,’ he said.

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