Maria Shukshina.

Maria Shukshina.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Maria Shukshina actively maintains social networks in which she shares with the public her opinion on the pandemic, coronavirus and vaccinations. But the other day the actress received an unexpected blow. Her Instagram account was flagged as a blog posting false information.

Maria Shukshina regularly scares stories about chipping, Bill Gates and enslavement of the people. Now, when you try to subscribe to the artist’s account, an information window pops up, in which the social network warns followers.

They are asked if the user is sure they want to subscribe. “This account has repeatedly published false informationthat was verified by independent fact-checking experts or violated Community Guidelines, “the message says.


Earlier, 11 well-known Russian doctors wrote an open letter, including to artists and politicians, including Shukshina. Doctors invited the addressees to show the “red zones”, intensive care units and morgues. The fact is that Maria is an ardent opponent of vaccination against coronavirus.

Earlier, TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev said that Shukshina simply gathers a crowd around her… “Shukshina is just trying to make a name for herself against the background of the situation and gather the same fans around her. She is stupid as a cork on the topic of vaccination,” the TV presenter said bluntly.

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