Mariene de Castro is invited to parade at the Rio Carnival by Mangueira

Singer Mariene de Castro was invited to parade as one of the highlights of Mangueira at the 2023 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

The proposal comes two days after a strong outburst made by the sambista on social media about her absence from the Bahian revelry, which returns from a two-year break due to the pandemic.

According to information obtained by the iBahiathe invitation was made by one of the carnival members of the association.

This year, Estação Primeira de Mangueira celebrates Afro-Brazilian culture, with the samba-plot “As Áfricas que a Bahia sings”, written by carnival artists Annick Salmon and Guilherme Estêvão.

The theme will take to the sambodromo several Afro blocks from the state, such as Ilê Aiyê, Ara Ketu, Olodum, Malê Debalê, Muzenza, Badauê, Timbalada, Filhos de Gandhy and Didá. The invitation to Mariene was due to the artist’s representation of Bahian and Afro-Brazilian culture.

O iBahia tried to contact the artist to talk about the invitation, however, until the publication of this article, the singer did not answer. Mariene also received an invitation from Carlinhos Brown to perform with him in one of the six days of parade that the veteran will do in 2023 in Salvador.

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