Marília Mendonça is the cover of a famous magazine and Maiara and Maraisa celebrate with emotion

the duo Maiara and Maraisa used social media to publish the cover of the magazine Forbes in which they appear alongside the singer Marília Mendonça, who died in a plane crash earlier this month. In the photo, they appear in a striking setting and wear hats and other pieces that refer to the sertanejo style. On social media, they commented on the moment and celebrated the moment.

“Marília always said that the correct place for women is the prominent place. We always rehearse together interviews and programs that we dreamed of going to and whoever met her knows how much this cover was desired and awaited by her. It’s for you and for you this achievement! Forbes’ first backcountry cover. The Mistresses in the place they always struggled to be!” they wrote.

Fans and friends commented

In the comments box, fans and friends of the three singers left affectionate messages for the three and praised the magazine’s cover. “Wow, what a photon”, commented anitta, who was a friend of Marília Mendonça. “Love how much emotion on the same day! Thank you both for the energy and affection with me and for everything! I will never forget that day! I love you guys”, said the creative director of the shoot.

See the publication by Maiara and Maraisa below:

Duo covered Marília’s show

Last weekend, Maiara and Maraisa performed in Lorena, in the interior of São Paulo. The venue was reserved for a show that would be by Marília Mendonça and the duo decided to pay tribute to their friend there. On social media, Maraisa spoke about the complicated and emotional moment by showing a video of the presentation.

“It was a tremendous challenge for us! The first show we ‘covered’ for our Lila! The responsibility was huge! But when we step on this stage, we feel the energy of these people who are so in love with her! And through smiles, screams and looks, he proved to us that we are capable of making, not just one, but every night, special and unforgettable! And we could feel, stronger than ever, her presence there, in each look and in each tear! Gratitude Lorena-SP, for welcoming us and, through this love, making us feel stronger and braver to face this challenge! You guys were amazing! It was wonderful! Thank you to everyone who showed their love! Mistresses”, said the artist.

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