Nego do Borel's career is on the line, if it exists

Thirty-six seconds. Thirty-six. And seventy-six words. Seven and six. Said by a solemn Anitta, there, on the stage of the Latin Grammy.

This was the Academy’s main tribute from the highest award in Latin music to the biggest loss of Latin music this year and the winner, in 2019, with the album “Todos os Cantos”.

The video is below.

You don’t have to be good at math to understand that it’s little, very little, for the most listened to artist in Brazil on streaming platforms in 2019 and 2020, and owner of the most watched YouTube live in history, with 3.3 million views , held in May 2020.

At the ceremony of the Latin Grammy, Marília was among the nominees of the night (once again), competing in the category of Best Sertaneja Music Album with the album “As Patroas”.

By the way, Marília’s work, a project registered with the duo Maiara & Maraisa, lost to Chitãozinho & Xororó’s six-song album, an EP whose cover shows a Chitão without mullets – just look at you.

In another moment, at the end of a pre-delivery of awards, Brazilian actress Carolina Dieckmann asked for a round of applause in honor of the singer. It took less than four seconds, as you can see below.

These tributes, added to the words of the president of the Latin Recording Academy, Gabriel Abaroa, demonstrating his feelings for the loss of Marília, were all that the Latin Grammy did in honor of the Mistress.

If the Latin Grammy is in an ever closer relationship with Brazil – in such a way that now the event is even broadcast here by Multishow and Bis channels – it is important to understand the dimensions of the artists here.

It is inexplicable precisely because the opening show would be a tribute to Brazil, as was reported the day before. And the result was mixed with Gloria Estefan, Carlinhos Brown, Anitta, Giulia Be, among others.

Marília deserved more – whether it was a poutpourri, a video in honor or anything that lasted longer than a minute – and still, given the size of the hole left by her, it would be little.

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