Neymar says he’s not happy. Neymar says that maybe he doesn’t have the mental strength to remain in the national team after the 2022 World Cup. Neymar begs for your recognition, affection, likes and retweets. Neymar is in the headlines more for what he says – and less for what he’s been playing.

And yet we disdain Neymar.


Poor rich boy…

Neymar, the best Brazilian player to appear in this century, is bigger off the pitch than inside it: the trophy collection should be bigger, right?

The answer is not so obvious. Is being happy (for him) in football? Are you in the competition? Are you on the Olympic lap? Who forgets the post-gold outburst in Rio?

Even for being more charismatic (and world champion; it should be emphasized), Ronaldinho Gaúcho has a legion of fans who understand that he found happiness in a short, fulminating and winning career. By being more transparent with his problems outside the field, Adriano also gets more “affection”.

What happens to Neymar? For over ten years we debated the character more than the player. S/A Neymar’s collection (jet, helicopter, mansions, poker, advertisements and scandals) wins from the ace’s collection.

Before, it was the obsession with being the best in the world. Now it’s an almost palpable anguish for having to play.

While Neymar wants to be able to take care of himself, it is Tite’s duty to take care of the Brazilian team.

The negative effect of Neymar’s problems was evident in the 2014 and 2018 World Cup.

His injury at the World Cup in Brazil further accentuated the emotional (im)balance of a team unable to handle pressure. In 2018, the cai-cai effect, which became a world meme, left Brazil with an armored ace, treated as a knickknack and who, then an adult at 26, would not even answer the questions addressed to him.

If it’s hard to be Neymar, he needs professional help (not the pairs’ virtual palms).

If it’s difficult without Neymar, the team needs to work in the year until the Cup in Qatar so as not to pay the price for disdaining what is more than obvious.

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