Marina Sena enjoys the last day of Carnival and reveals: ‘I came to tourist’

Marina Sena landed in the Bahian capital this Tuesday (21st) to enjoy the last part of Carnival. The artist said that she had many shows and that’s why she managed to arrive at the last minute to enjoy it.

“First time at Carnival in Salvador. I just arrived in Salvador, guys. I’m super excited, because of the fame, right? Fame says it all… So, I think everyone has to experience this here at some point, right? I am very happy to be here”said the singer.

When asked about her stay for the next few days. Marina was direct and said that she just came to enjoy herself and rest. The focus is to enjoy the post-Carnival period in the best possible way.

“I just came to enjoy! I’m going to stay here for a few days, right? Afterwards, enjoy the post Carnival in Salvador a little bit” – she began – “I came to tourist. I always come here to visit Salvador because here is a good place for everything, right?! Good for singing, because the people here are wonderful?! Good to enjoy… I think that places are mainly people. And here in Salvador, people manage to be very special”, declared.

The singer recently partnered with Saulo Fernandes at FV23 and said, at the end of the press conference at Camarote Expresso 222, that she loves a true Bahian song.

“Look, God willing, this partnership will come. Why am I in love with Saulo? she said.

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